Different algorithms are being increasingly developed  for all kinds of proposes. Not only the computing and robot field are using them on their implementations. We can see the use of algorithms in political campaigns and purchases online or in supermarkets. This growth is causing huge impact in the world, political field, economic field, in the technology field and in social life.

We have algorithms that allows robots to modify their behaviour for different situations. Another one to assist companies in making decisions analysing data coming from social media and news websites and we have the algorithm that uses the searches we do in google and youtube to choose the best ad to play before the youtube videos.

But these are the most commons kind of algorithms. There are algorithms for everything nowadays, and I am going to put here some “different” algorithms that I found:

  • researchers from University of California, Los Angeles have created an algorithm that analyses the movie genre, the release date and the key words related to it and calculates the chances the movie has to win the Oscar.
  • The True&Co is a bra company and when you shop online on its website you answer many questions that are analysed by an algorithm that tells what is the best size and model for you.
  • Lars Backstrom, Facebook senior engineer, and Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University computer scientist developed and algorithm that analyses Facebook connections to identify romantic couples and guess when a relationship is close to its end.

But after reading about all of these algorithms, one of them call my attention as the “weirdest”: An algorithms that connects to a twitter account and “learn” the way and what a person tweets and after her/his death it keeps tweeting for the person. The site is LivesOn and its slogan is:

Slogan from the site LivesOn

Slogan from the site LivesOn

Of course none of these algorithms would work without the Big Data. With the connection of these two important things it would be (and is already being) possible to predict things about the future. It can be an excellent tool in the right hands.













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